Pinball LED Mods that last- hook up easily- and outperform inferior prototypes!

The instructions found on the website are detailed enough to get you through the installation (roughly 1 hour) whether you are a seasoned pinball modder or a novice with your first pin.  First Pinball LED Mod?  No problem- they’ve done the homework for you, and this mod is ready to install,  plug, and play.

The adapter kit that comes with the speaker panels are designed to be plug and play with your pinball machine with no permanent modifications to your game.  Using the service outlet that comes with your (non-import) pinball machine, these lights are powered with reliable and consistent 12V.  Utilizing photo-receptor relay technology, the speaker panels light and de-energize with your pinball machine.

The result is an easy to install, great looking LED speaker upgrade that will look perfect, function correctly, and LAST.  A trouble free experience that is easy to install on a weekend.

Top Tier Quality Pinball Mod- This LED Speaker Panel replacement / mod kit for select machines Performs better

If you have looked around for speaker grill upgrades or LED kits for pinball machine speaker panels, you’d find out that there is no shortage of “LED Upgrades” to pinball machine speaker panels.

What makes the Ultimate Lighted Speaker Panels from different, is the quality of production process, and the investment in design.

There are many who have held the passion and have delved into pinball modding.  Many pinball LED mods can be found across the internet- many of them simply a toy with an LED light stuck inside of it.  Many simply a kit that is incomplete, and needs a pinball mechanic to install properly.

What sets a modding shop apart in pinball modding is the manufacturing ability and processes.  The type of work that makes a quality product differ from a cheap one is in the process of production, and completeness of a product once shipped out.

Investment in design- Not only utilizing the correct tools and materials for the products made, but having invested into the technical knowledge of producing a product that will fit, that will light the way towards the pinball future, and that will continue to serve inside your pinball machine for years to come.

Still adding prototypes!

Still adding new prototypes and announcing new releases of products on a month to month basis!  Just this month in August, LightedPinballMods showed a new Lighted Speaker Panel for Metallica.

With re-designs in the works for new speaker panel artwork, and new revisions for an already top tier product, there’s one thing certain- it’s top class pinball mod LED products produced at!

Lighted Magnetic Hinges, Plasma Pop Bumpers, Lighted Speaker Panels

Highest Quality Mods- Found all over the web- Worldwide Shipping!

With many products over 4 years in design, and many over 5 revisions invested, LightedPinballMods has found a way to adapt and overcome many previous pinball modding impossibilities.  From Plasma Pop Bumpers, to Lighted Hinge Covers and Speaker Panel LED mod kits, the quality of products from LightedPinballMods cannot be beat, and the exclusive products found across the web are hand crafted and perfected to fit your pinball machine title.

You can “Shop by Game” on their website, and can easily browse their list of available products.  LightedPinballMods have been long time supporters on pinside, and you can find them on there.  You can visit them on their Facebook page, and likely get a timely response, and their presence is alive and well on YouTube.

Word has it that most products will soon be offered through Amazon, Etsy, and Ebay as well as their online store.  All options accept all major credit cards, and are SSL secured, protected international transactions.

These are the 3 versions of our lighted speaker panel, all come with a remote to control brightness:


ULTIMATE – This panel has full color changing capabilities for the panel and full color changing capabilities for the speakers. If you want to fine tune the color of your panel to match the feel of your game, or want a slight yellow tint because you prefer original accents, or warm LED’s in your game, this would be the best panel for you. We feel this is well worth the extra cost over the basic panel because it reproduces MANY more color variations and lights up more areas in your pinball machine giving a completed look.

DELUXE – This panel lights up white just like the basic panel, but also includes color changing LED’s in the speaker area. You got an additional remote for the speakers. These are an older version no longer in production!

BASIC – This panel lights up an adjustable white and makes a huge difference in the game. This panel does NOT have speaker lights and does NOT have color changing capabilities, it cannot be upgraded later.

"Impressively large and colourful LED Mod!
Thanks, from Canada"
Ebay Customer
"I waited on a production model to be released for my title, and let me tell you, it was worth the wait! The ultimate speaker panel was a no brainer as far as I'm concerned! Following you on Pinside!"
Vaughn Spencer
Pinside Customer
Got it installed and working. Switched back to the separate connectors and it looks GREAT thanks so much for the help!
Shaun Lawson
Webstore Customer
"My husband & I saw your amazing plasma pop bumpers at the Atlanta Gaming expo a few weeks back & he loved them. I wanted to surprise him with a couple for our wedding anniversary- he has several but the one he wanted the pop bumpers for is his Genesis game - and there are actually 4 which are currently the conventional tops. Products look amazing, thank you!"
Angie Strealy Customer